Final Reflection . . . Tribal Future? (Ecotone #6)

Final Reflection … Tribal Future? Ecotone #6 The Venerable Dalai Lama, in discussing ethics for the new millennium, welcomes conflict. Given respect and compassion, he recognizes and encourages its power to generate synthesis, the formation of new and better ideas. Given that I’ve always enjoyed a good fight, I take his words hopefully. Exploring the… Continue Reading Final Reflection . . . Tribal Future? (Ecotone #6)

Making the Connection (Ecotone #3)

Making the Connection. Ecotone #3 On the northeast corner of my practice room hangs an old photograph of a mother and infant, the eyes of both locked blissfully on one another. In its presence for the last nine years, mature adults have looked up at me with childlike openness. Having received bodywork, I’ve also experienced… Continue Reading Making the Connection (Ecotone #3)

Soma: The Power of Treating the Body (Ecotone #2)

Soma: The Power of Treating the Body. Ecotone #2 Ever since I was a kid, I’ve fallen in love with words.  It’s something I’ve had to get over, in both my practices as a massage therapist and psychotherapist, in order to listen to the more telling subtext of expressions—a breath, a yawn, a shudder—leading to the meat of revelation and… Continue Reading Soma: The Power of Treating the Body (Ecotone #2)

Treating the Body, Treating the Mind (Ecotone #1)

Treating the Body, Treating the Mind. Introduction to Ecoland (Ecotone #1) A young woman’s head is cradled in my hands, and she is crying over something she does not understand. Referred by a psychotherapist colleague of mine, she expressed herself tentatively when we first met. In her voice, the sound of a child: fear. She… Continue Reading Treating the Body, Treating the Mind (Ecotone #1)