Links and Resources

My years of experience as a therapist have led to a two-fold commitment to continued training and to working in close cooperation with other complementary holistic practitioners, from both eastern and western schools of healing. Following are links to both further your own understanding of my approach, and of accessing assistance from other local professionals whom I recommend. If you are a healer of any stripe, I welcome an opportunity to connect with you, in order to see how, together, we might serve those in need.

Educational Resources

Therapy Links1 – The official site for Somatic Experiencing, and Peter Levine’s work, as well as resources. – An excellent local site for understanding the parts work I do, as well as opportunities for future trainings – This site describes attachment disorder, and its effective redress – The official site for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a highly effective and well-studied approach to trauma – The site for both craniosacral therapy and somatoemotional release, two forms of bodywork effective for anxiety and mood disorders – The official site for the Hakomi Institute – This is a good site for understanding the brain better, and accessing additional information – …for a different perspective on prosperity

Local Resources

Therapy Links3

People House – a site near downtown Denver providing  workshops, low cost  group and individual help

Whole Yoga – affordable yoga that supports emotional and physical wellbeing

Altermed – a meetup group consisting of complimentary practitioners in the Denver/Boulder area

Rejuvenation Retreats – retreats provided by a skilled nutritionist, occuring monthly in the greater Denver area

The Center – for all things GLBTQ!