Quiz: Is Bodywork Right for You?

Although a few of my clients utilize both bodywork and psychotherapy, I’ve found it best to start with one or the other, in order to establish as clear and safe a therapeutic relationship as possible. If you are unclear about where you shouldstart, explore the following questions to ascertain which is right for you:

  1. I have a very hard time talking about my thoughts and feelings.
  2. I tend to be intellectual, seeking reason and logic rather than exploring feelings.
  3. I don’t know what’s wrong with my life, I just know it’s not working for me.
  4. I don’t need to change, others around me do
  5. When I’m anxious or stressed, I feel it all through my body.
  6. I believe I’m pretty aware of what’s making me tick, and have a strong sense of what’s troubling me.
  7. I feel the need to be touched in a caring, non-sexual way.
  8. When people touch me, it makes me uncomfortable.
  9. I’m interested in exploring multiple modalities, including alternative and complimentary treatments.
  10. I trust more in Western medicine and treatment; I’m not comfortable with or don’t think alternative treatments would be as effective.
  11. I need to touch, and otherwise physically explore, in order to learn a new skill; I learn best by doing, rather than sitting in a classroom.
  12. In classrooms or other learning situations, I do well by visually absorbing and listening to new information.
  13. My life is going fairly well, and feel generally satisfied – I’m just a little stressed.
  14. Even when my life seems to be going well (if at all) I’m unsatisfied and distressed.
  15. I’m having difficulty sleeping, but my appetite is OK (or vice-versa).
  16. I’m having difficulty sleeping, my appetite is not good (or I’m overeating), and have little or no pleasure in my life.

If you agreed more with odd answers than even answers, consider bodywork as an option for you. If you found more agreement with even answers, psychotherapy might be the better course.