Quiz: Is Online, or Web, Therapy Right for You?

IS WEB, AKA ONLINE THERAPY, RIGHT FOR YOU? Anyone who has seen Lisa Kudrow in her hilarious “Web Therapy” series knows some of the pitfalls of online therapy. Yet an increasing number of people are finding this option valuable as part of an overall strategy to better their lives, from those whose mobility is impaired to those who have few options in their remote areas. I’ve been offering this for over two years, and have experienced wonderful results with many clients, who can attest to the effectiveness of this option. So feel free to take this short quiz, and see how online therapy might be an option for you.

1)  I live in California, New York, New Jersey or Ohio *

2)  I live in any state in the US other than those above

3)  I thrive on touch and other immediate contact to the extent that I cannot connect without these

4)  I’m able to form and maintain healthy relationships with others using phone, internet, and other electronic media

5)  I have a fairly chaotic home or work environment where I’d be doing online therapy, with no time of the day where I can minimize distractions

6)  I can create a private environment where I can do online therapy for one hour sessions

7)  I don’t think I can feel safe enough doing work in my home or work environment

8)  I want to work on issues triggered by my environment (including social anxiety and physical mobility), or feel more comfortable in this environment

9)  My online audio and visual reception in my environment isn’t fast enough to support video chats, I don’t have a built-in webcam or can modify my computer to include one, or my microphone isn’t very effective

10)  My online reception is pretty good, or can be remedied by a few simple fixes, and I have Skype, FaceTime, or Google Chat.

11)  I am just not comfortable with working with technology

12)  I’m pretty comfortable with technology

13)  I have frequent suicidal ideations, auditory or visual hallucinations, or require frequent psychiatric check-ups for medication

14)  I do not have any elements of serious mental illness **

15)  There are good therapists in my geographical area

16)  I’m far from any good therapists geographically, or my mobility issues keep me from easily accessing those around me

Additional considerations: online allows us more flexible scheduling, particularly for those who travel frequently but wish to maintain consistency in their therapy.  Some treatments, like EMDR, are best done in a real, not virtual, office, however many of the somatic therapies I use can actually be enhanced by a familiar environment, and have the added advantage of giving you daily practices effective in your home or office. For those who, due to childcare issues or who are primary caregivers, find it difficult to get away, this can be a perfect solution!

*- these states forbid online therapy unless one is licensed in them. Our work would then need to clearly stipulate, honestly, that our relationship is that of coaching.

** – while I might still be able to work with you, it must be as part of a solid treatment team geographically accessible to you.

More even “yes” than odd “yes” answers means we can go ahead with a free initial consultation. I look forward to meeting you!