Bodywork Therapy

I was, and still am by licensure, a massage therapist, as well as a licensed clinical social worker. Initially, it was a good way of getting through school, but as I worked with my massage clients, I began to realize that I was picking up on more than just the physical manifestations of their distress. We would begin to talk, before and after the session itself, and the depth and warmth of these discussions was surprising to both them and to me. For I had earned their trust in tenderly ministering to their pain, in literally holding it, and in listening to their bodies in order to sense what to do next, I helped them to listen as well. So you can understand why, when I became a social worker, I did not leave the body work behind, but instead trained in ways that would serve the whole human.

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I love how you include in your process of working with clients, and hold sacred the idea that we store in our bodies the energy of feelings and experiences–and that deepest growth and resolution lies in that amazing dance of listening to the body to hear more deeply what the spirit, emotions and mind have to share. That is really powerful Inga–and one of the many things I love about working with you. -Kay Hutchinson

Inga – You have amazing gifts for healing, physically and psychologically. This post helps people understand more about your gifts. thank you for sharing it with us! Regards, – Robin

It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and your work. I look forward to partnering together soon. – Will Gallucci

Just finished reading your entire website. I like it. Well done. – Beth