Spirituality and Mindfulness

Spirituality in all of its aspects is always honored as an important element in my clients’ healing paths. While I have received training in shamanic, sufi, and other techniques, I have found that one’s own unique spirituality can be tapped, enhancing one’s experience of, and connection to, the world. Spiritual trauma, experienced for example when one has been brought up in a dogmatic and shaming household, can often keep one from tapping into the infinite supply of healing energy available to us.
(Re)discovering this resource is, I believe, one of the kindest gifts we can give ourselves. My clients start with learning how to ground themselves, then venture into a series of mindfulness exercises designed to allow them to slow down and build tolerance for exploring the distress inside. This tolerance and the increased insight and self-compassion that attend it, are eased by one’s own increasing awareness of his or her spiritual resources, both internal and external. Ultimately, it is joyous work.

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