Somatic Experiencing/Body and Touch

When someone experiences overwhelming trauma, the natural ability to flow between the calmness of everyday reality and the urgency of fight and flight becomes “stuck.” People can then experience constant anger or anxiety, even though there is no apparent reason for this, or have difficulty becoming motivated about anything and become depressed, although the reality of their lives has much to offer. Somatic Experiencing provides people with the ability to become more resilient, tapping into the healthy defense mechanisms that anger-fight and fear-flight are meant to be. A healthy autonomic nervous system then allows one to return to the calm clarity of everyday existence, restful sleep, and enjoyment in everyday activities, as well as healthy intimacy.

When I work with my clients, I often make body work available, so that the body suffering from disregulation can more deeply experience where it holds tension and trauma. As well, the therapeutic use of touch is a powerful force for healing, assisting in the release of important neurotransmitters and the reduction of stress hormones that allow the mind to function more effectively.