Do you find yourself stressed by life, checking out, numbing, instead of living life to the fullest, vital and curious? Are you struggling with a difficult, emotionally immature parent, and the effects your parent has had in your life? Are you a clinician seeking a deeper understanding of how to incorporate touch work with your clients safely? Welcome.

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Can trauma be healed?

Yes, it can!

Trauma simply is a wound, but wounds are sometimes deep, requiring the aide of others…and that aide is not always given, or adequate. When a wound remains unhealed, it can result in our getting stuck, avoiding the stress of relationships or meaningful work, at worst unable to function. Read here for more information!

Does all stress require psychotherapy?

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Absolutely not. We all have stressors in our lives, leading us to feel that we’re wading through the swampy waters of life instead of dancing on clouds. For many of us, our precious time and energy, not to mention the financial cost of being stuck, hamper our ability to move forward personally and professionally. Unlike psychotherapy, coaching is designed to be goal- and time-specific, clearing out that roadblock using both cognitive and body-based modalities, achieving greater ease in your life. Read here for more information.

Are you the child of an immature, distressing parent?

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We often feel, once we understand the special nature of our parent’s illness, that we are alone in our experience of poor boundaries, unsatisfactory relationships, and simply, at times…not being a person at all. Certainly not a worthy one, with the right to take up room in the world. I designed this group specifically for you, and have given it since 2018. Read here for more information.


There are many skills that I bring into consultation and coaching, honed from over twenty years of treating significant depression and anxiety, which my coaching clients have found most effective in clearing the way as you move towards your goals. As you seek the care that is right for you, feel free to explore some of the ways I can help.

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You have enabled me to work my way through my losses and transform my experiences into positive directions. I can clearly hear you in my head saying – be kind and gentle to yourself – that has helped me so much just to calm down.

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