Do you find yourself frustrated by life, unable to get past the wounds of your childhood, to connect with the world with passion and meaning? Is your organization seeking a better understanding of trauma? Are you a clinician seeking a deeper understanding of how to work with trauma somatically? Curious about somatic, or embodied, psychotherapy for trauma, individual and collective? Welcome.

I can help.

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Can trauma be healed?

Yes, it can!

Trauma simply is a wound, but wounds are sometimes deep, requiring the aide of others…and that aide is not always given, or adequate. When a wound remains unhealed, psychologically, it can result in our getting stuck, avoiding the stress of relationships or meaningful work, at worst unable to function.

Is all chronic illness the result of previous trauma?

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Absolutely not. While in many cases, a previous history of trauma can lead to an impairment in our immune system, for example, it is not the only reason why someone may find themselves having a hard time healing after an accident, or succumbing to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia. In fact, in my experience, it adds to the damage to believe that somehow, because of a psychological flaw in you, you brought your debilitating condition upon yourself. Worse, that your illness is psychosomatic, and that the medical community therefore has no part to play in your treatment.

Are you the child of a parent with a personality disorder?

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We often feel, once we understand the special nature of our parent’s illness, that we are alone in our experience of poor boundaries, unsatisfactory relationships, and simply, at times…not being a person at all. Certainly not a worthy one, with the right to take up room in the world. I designed this group specifically for you, and have given it since 2018. Read here for more information.


There are many different types of therapy, and none of them work for all people, just as not all therapists can relate to every potential client. It is important, as you seek the care that is right for you, both to meet me, and to know about some of the interventions I use. I’ve been educated extensively in numerous modalities which, despite their obvious differences, have a few things in common: each has been tested for effectiveness, and is proven useful in the treatment of distress.

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You have enabled me to work my way through my losses and transform my experiences into positive directions. I can clearly hear you in my head saying – be kind and gentle to yourself – that has helped me so much just to calm down.

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