Why Coaching, Not Therapy?

Once upon a time, therapy was the gold standard for treating everything from severe depression, profound anxiety, and complex PTSD, to ordinary sticking points like numbing with social media or dealing with emotionally immature parents, and the impacts you’ve experienced with unsatisfying relationships, poor boundaries, and perfectionism.Regardless, the psychotherapist would lead you to deep dives in your early life, an arduous process without a foreseeable end date.

Then life coaching came along. In short, it separates those with clinical level needs from those with sticking points. While a few of my clients need the deep dive, most are working with specific issues keeping them from a vital, purposeful and curiosity life, full of vitality. My lifecrafting article helps describe the approach I take in honoring your journey towards the life you truly want. Whether you seek individual coaching, or wish to take one of my classes, you and I will move to a specific goal. Along the way, you’ll receive both practices and clarity around steps you can take towards achieving this goal. Frequently, my individual coaching clients are able to move forward with results after four to eight sessions; my classes combine individual coaching, online groups, and helpful videos and experiments for you to try between sessions, and are limited to two to three months.

If you’d like more information, please seek my contact page, and send me a message. Let’s talk.