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An old Sufi tale tells of a caravan traveling across the desert. Each camel was weighted with a considerable burden. One of them sought relief in the unbearable dry heat. Spying a stream far below, she ran down and plunged into the cool water, which dissolved the salt she carried. Her load thus lightened, she sprang from the stream. This caught the attention of another sufferer, who likewise raced to the stream and took the plunge, expecting the same relief. His load, however, consisted of cotton, which absorbed the water, and he drowned.

Not all treatments work for all people, just as not all coaches can relate to every potential client. It is important, as you seek the care that is right for you, both to meet me, and to know about some of the interventions I use. I’ve been educated extensively in the following modalities which, despite their obvious differences, have a few things in common: each has been tested for effectiveness, and is proven useful in removing roadblocks to your vital life.

Each has applications to the mindbody, the “soma,” where overwhelming stress is stored, undigested. Each understands that symptoms of distress are actually reflective of strategies that are intended to protect the self… Ultimately, though, these very strategies, as well as the stressors which caused them, create disregulation in our bodies, diminishing our ability to recover.
when we come to see ourselves as having inadequate coping mechanisms which can be corrected, and begin to work with the stress now stuck in our bodies, we free ourselves from seeing ourselves as inadequate, powerless, and hopeless, to feel our agency physically as well as mentally.

These also work holistically in combination with each other to accelerate healing. If the following seem to strike a chord with you, it’s a good sign that it’s time for us to meet. Click on any of the below for more information.

Attachment Therapies for Healing Relationships

Our ability to connect is as essential to our vitality as food or shelter...and a key element in understanding the harmfulness of overwhelming stress in ...

CranioSacral Therapy & Somato Emotional Release

Healers of many stripes have come to a deeper understanding of the bodymind connection, and that connection’s own relationship to distress. Research conducted in the ...

Voice Dialogue

We are made of many parts, yet few of us live up to the potential that is offered by this inner wealth. This is primarily ...

Narrative Work: What’s Your Story?

We all have stories about our lives. If you're reading this, perhaps you're thinking, it's time to change mine. Narrative Therapy is a profoundly useful ...

Somatic Experiencing

When someone experiences overwhelming trauma, the natural ability to flow between the calmness of everyday reality and the urgency of fight and flight becomes “stuck.” ...

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