Trouble sleeping? Eating too much, or too little? Can’t relax? Can’t get going?

In a healthy body, we’re able to shift our gears. Move from ease to activity, and back to ease when the work is done, mastering the art of putting just the right pressure on our internal accelerator and brake. However, when we become overwhelmed, either by a single occurrence or a lifetime of emotional stress or physical pain, simply put, our gears get stuck.

More formally, it’s called “disregulation”. Your mind can’t shut down. Your body doesn’t want to move in the morning. You eat, and EAT, just to comfort yourself. Or your gut is so tight, so in turmoil, that you can’t ingest and assimilate enough nutrient to keep you well-nourished. The cost is not only to ourselves, but to our relationships, leaving us isolated and lonely. We lack vitality, and purpose. You may even have received a psychiatric diagnosis: PTSD, Depression, Anxiety. Your friends and others tell you to see a psychotherapist. And while some are fine with that, you may even balk at the idea of being “mentally ill.” Many of my clients do. And what I say to them, I’ll say to you: you suffer from disregulation.

You don’t have to. I welcome you. In my experience, clients like you benefit from my holistic skills for body, mind and spirit. Whether in my office or online, our journey together is shaped to your specific needs and goals. Read experiences of others like you, and let your healing begin today. Click here to go my contact page to see if this journey is right for you.

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Once we did the work, it was clear to me that touch was a powerful link to understanding that which hides beneath the surface. With the right hands, touch can be a more direct link towards understanding what’s inside. I can’t see body work being effective if there’s no trust between therapist and client, but with you, trust comes naturally; you have honor woven into your fabric and that goes a long way when entering new territory in a therapist’s office. Something that I learned early on in my sessions with you was that I truly was in the driver’s seat for the most part. Having that sense of control (for lack of a better word) perhaps allowed me to enter into bodywork with less or no hesitation. I felt you more or less held my hand when I needed it, as I wandered through my psyche and emotions, exploring memories and feelings—you kept me from being alone in the sometimes dark and scary woods as I found my way back to me.
— F.B.

Inga spent the worst year of my life sitting patiently across from me, cup of tea in hand, with a soft, affirming face, while I figuratively (and sometimes literally) spilled my guts. Inga is candid, engaged, and willing to go to the dark places and ask the challenging questions that allow real healing to occur. Her essence is soothing, easy, and believable. Inga has allowed me to move into a deeper, more meaningful way of interacting with the world. My interactions with her have been invaluable and a day rarely goes by where I don’t feel love and appreciation for Inga and the lessons she taught me.
— S.L.

This weekend I started an 800 hour Yoga Therapy certification program, and I just really wanted you to know you were a big part of me finding this path. Therapy with you changed how I wanted to spend my life. I left teaching, I left toxic relationships, I traveled for half a year…and I found a way to do what I loved. The whole time in this training I was reminded of all  the psychosomatic techniques you used and how impactful they were on me…how grateful I am for all that you helped me through, and all the tools you gave me to be a more balanced person.
— S.H.

It took me a long time to get on the table because of my history, but you were so attuned and patient and never forced the work until I was ready. It has been immensely helpful. I’ve been able to move past some traumas in my life in a way I’ve never experienced in my five years of other kinds of therapy. I would definitely do it again.
— N.D.

I have learned so much from our sessions and practice some parts of them often in my day to day life. By being more aware of my body I now stay rather than flee my emotions. The fog of depression has lifted … Thank you for creating a safe place from day one and for your listening, caring and healing touch.
— H.K.

You have enabled me to work my way through my losses and transform my experiences into positive directions. I can clearly hear you in my head saying – be kind and gentle to yourself – that has helped me so much just to calm down.
— A.N.

Online Therapy

Online therapy worked great for me&hellisp; The thing I most appreciated about online therapy was being able to have you help me work through things, even though we’re in different cities. I knew and was comfortable with you so it really helped me be able to comfortably talk about what was bugging me and get it improved faster.


  • Being able to talk with and receive support from the amazing Inga
  • Being able to do this in your own home or other comfortable environment, rather than at someone’s office.  This also provides some anonymity for those concerned about being seen by a co-worker or someone they know.
  • Knowing that later down the road, you can check back in for therapy and not have to worry about where you’re living
  • You’ve always been good about evening appointment but being that you’re a time zone behind, you can offer later hours for those of us in central and eastern.

— D.M.

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