Surviving the Emotionally Immature Parent: Individual Coaching Package

I was born to two Adulting 101 dropouts! I know what it’s like not to be seen. To be invisible. Mom: “Make me feel better about myself”. Dad: “Who’d you say you were again?”. I was becoming a person that didn’t match the ideal child of my educator mother and psychiatrist (yup!) father…and so instead, I became invisible. I ended up both taking responsibility for the reactions of everyone around me, and believing I would inevitably fail.

I arrived at the age of adulthood without the first clue of how to actually, well, “adult.”

Then I learned to fight! You name it. Nuclear power, gender and GLBTQIA discrimination, abusive parents, childhood abuse prevention. I formed and facilitated groups, protested, organized campaigns. And along the way, I met my people. And they saw me, as I emerged, visible.

This is a love letter to all those not seen for whom they are

This is a love letter to all those not seen, to all those given the impossible task of being the parent to their parent. Of being the unwilling recipient of their parents’ often bizarre expectations. Of not being seen at all, for the wonderfully complex, unique beings you actually are. As an expert on immature parents, I found clients with the same issues coming in to see me. Like me, they were exhausted. Numb. Constantly overwhelmed, trying to control every facet of their existence.

And over the last 20 plus years, I’ve had the profound privilege of fighting alongside my clients. Pulling the damaging lessons of their immature parents out by the root. Going to the intellect, then past the intellect, to the body. The body that shrinks, at the moment you know you’d be better served by standing tall. That surrenders when you need to assert, or shuts others out when you most need to lean into their comfort. I speak to you as one of you, and I see in you the seeds of whom you can become.

You are not whom your parents wanted you to be. You’re not yet what you can be. Professionally, moving beyond perfectionism to risk-taking and exploration, beyond poor boundaries to assertion. Personally, knowing the joy of true intimacy with another, rejoicing in what you share, and energized by your differences.

What This Package Includes:

  • Six 50 minute coaching sessions, either online or in person
  • Two guided meditations you can use to ground and connect to your self
  • Six brief videos, exploring how you connect with others, how you experience your boundaries in your body, how perfectionism and judgmentalism hurt your performance at work and in the world, and how to unhook from your emotionally immature parents
  • E-mail support between sessions

Sessions are best held at least every other week, at a rate of $1500. Payment plans are available.


To know that you are inherently worthy, to savor another’s worth. It is not enough to know intellectually that you are worthy. You must feel it in your bones. That your greatest gift to the world, the gift that underlies all others, is the next breath you take.

Let’s take it together…start here!.