Voice Dialogue

We are made of many parts, yet few of us live up to the potential that is offered by this inner wealth. This is primarily because, as we grow up, we receive messages about what is acceptable and what is not; our environment, as well, may simply not stimulate valuable qualities in us. We learn to be dutiful, for example, because our parents supported this in us. Yet, years later, we are confounded in our failure to challenge what should have been challenged, because we did not also embrace our inner rebel. Voice Dialogue allows my clients to explore their inner terrain, and expand their tolerance for all, including disowned, parts. “I am…” becomes a dynamic exploration, ever changing and full of life. Voice Dialoguing also speaks to relational difficulties, both in finding, and in maintaining, deeply satisfying friendships and partnerships. We often draw to us those people embodying qualities we most dislike in ourselves, for example.

Voice Dialogue is therefore ideal for couples work, and in general allows us to make peace with the qualities we dislike, freeing us to enjoy more in the people around us.

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