Online Therapy

Consider Online Therapy

Welcome to a new age of treatment! Congratulations for considering online therapy. I am convinced that this is a valuable tool for treatment. Wherever you are right now, office or home, I invite you to look around. The faces, voices of family, friends, coworkers (or lack thereof); the cacophony of chaos or drowning silence; the clutter, the blankness; the tension in the room, or the complete lack of passion …all of these speak to, and remind of why you are seeking therapy, and why you are reading this right now.

In the Therapist’s Office:

Yet, when you come into a therapist’s office, with its planned serenity, you find that, without all those reminders, you can’t call up the distress that brought you in to begin with. For a number of reasons, supposedly clinical, therapists stopped stepping into their clients’ lives, and lost, I believe a golden opportunity to see their clients in a whole new, and much more relevant light.

When I’ve done online therapy with a client, we don’t need to imagine the multiple triggers in their home and work life; my client is there. Feeling it, freshly aware of the multiple, conflicting thoughts that get in the way of being most effective and satisfied. And more able to work fully and accurately to reframe, and make any necessary changes.

Ultimately, your goal is not to work well in my office, for one or two hours out of your 24-7 life, but to live your life, every moment of it, as richly and mindfully as possible. Click here to take my quiz, and see if this option fits your needs!

The Online Option:

There are also some practical reasons for considering online therapy:

  • your schedule is tight, and you’re far away from my office
  • you’re home-bound, either due to a medical condition or anxiety
  • you live far from a qualified therapist
  • you’ve taken my “Which therapy is best for you” test, and find that touch therapy is not for you
  • you have children to care for, and have few resources for childcare (many of my clients have sleeping children in the other room!)
  • COVID 19 is a real concern for you, and you want to get the help you need without increasing threat to you or your family and friends

What My Online Clients Want You To Know About Their Experience

Is there a downside? I once thought, back in 2012 when I took on my first online client, that online therapy was a poor substitute for being in the same room with another, able to touch, to sense the presence of, and to, in the privacy of a safe setting, explore your more frightening inner terrains. I’m convinced that I was wrong then, and my clients were the ones who taught me that:

“I have worked with Inga over a number of years in an online format and find that the level of energetic support and psychotherapeutic guidance is identical to that which I received when I used to see her in person in Austin.  
In fact, I have to say that there’s a special component around feeling extra safe in the space of my own home; this sense of safety and ease has allowed me to deepen my work to resolve blocks and other issues that might have taken longer or may not have even been possible in another format. 
Also, because Inga has unique energetic training, she is able to connect deeply through the online format in a way that is rare as a therapist. I highly recommend giving the online format a try as it has made a tremendous difference in my life and healing journey.”

—K. H., Texas

“I put my over-my-ears headset on and am in my own little world. I like online because it helps me to stay focused. I have been in other therapist’s offices and I feel like you are more tuned into what is happening with me than any of them. I think under the circumstances online is the only way to stay connected. And a note to your clients. I have only worked with you online. I live in Seattle but you were the therapist I wanted to work with, so online it was. ”

— C.D., Washington

“I was skeptical about online therapy at first but after several years I can’t imagine having to travel to see someone. I have CFS so it is really a gift to be right at home.  Inga and I have actually only met in person once since I live in another state.  I don’t really see the technology now.   Our connection is strong so we get right to work. ”

— C.N., Texas

“I was hesitant to think that doing online therapy would help me at all. I had been seeing Inga for many years when I moved out of Colorado for a year in 2017. There was also an interesting element of having therapy in my own home. Being able to ground at home made it a part of my home life as opposed to something I did once a week in her office. I’d highly recommend giving online therapy a try. I’m continuing to do online therapy with Inga and it’s so helpful right now to have that sense of normalcy.”

— M.D., Colorado & New York

“Online therapy has helped me tremendously. Traveling full time, (it’s) my only option. I was a little hesitant at first (but) the sessions are just as effective as when I’m in her office. I like not having to drive after a session as well. It helps me to stay grounded and thinking about the work we did instead of having to pay attention to the road or fight through traffic…”

— G.C., all over

It’s Your Choice & You Can Mix it Up:

Most states allow online therapy with the encouragement that we meet once in person. If you’re interested, simply click here to go my contact page, and let’s see if this journey is right for you.