Online Therapy


Consider Online Therapy

Welcome to a new age of treatment! Congratulations for considering online therapy. I am convinced that this is a valuable tool for treatment. Wherever you are right now, office or home, I invite you to look around. The faces, voices of family, friends, coworkers (or lack thereof); the cacophony of chaos or drowning silence; the clutter, the blankness; the tension in the room, or the complete lack of passion …all of these speak to, and remind of why you are seeking therapy, and why you are reading this right now.

In the Therapist’s Office:

Yet, when you come into a therapist’s office, with its planned serenity, you find that, without all those reminders, you can’t call up the distress that brought you in to begin with. For a number of reasons, supposedly clinical, therapists stopped stepping into their clients’ lives, and lost, I believe a golden opportunity to see their clients in a whole new, and much more relevant light.

When I’ve done online therapy with a client, we don’t need to imagine the multiple triggers in their home and work life; my client is there. Feeling it, freshly aware of the multiple, conflicting thoughts that get in the way of being most effective and satisfied. And more able to work fully and accurately to reframe, and make any necessary changes.

The Online Option:

There are also some practical reasons for considering online therapy:

  • your schedule is tight, and you’re far away from my office
  • you’re home-bound, either due to a medical condition or anxiety
  • you live far from a qualified therapist
  • you’ve taken my “Which therapy is best for you” test, and find that touch therapy is not for you
  • you have children to care for, and have few resources for childcare (many of my clients have sleeping children in the other room!)
  • COVID 19 is a real concern for you, and you want to get the help you need without increasing threat to you or your family and friends

Ultimately, your goal is not to work well in my office, for one or two hours out of your 24-7 life, but to live your life, every moment of it, as richly and mindfully as possible. Is there a downside? Absolutely. In refining our ability to connect more deeply, there is no substitute for being in the same room with another, able to touch, to sense the presence of, and to, in the privacy of a safe setting, explore your more frightening inner terrains. But not all of us have the luxury of time and geography. Some of us might even find such contact overwhelming. Click here to take my quiz, and see if this option fits your needs!

It’s Your Choice & You Can Mix it Up:

Most states allow online therapy with the encouragement that we meet once in person. If you’re interested, simply click here to go my contact page, and let’s see if this journey is right for you.