Trauma: Help In Understanding

Imagine, if you will, standing on the very top of the highest peak of a great mountain. All around you, the most magnificent view. Yet, you find yourself only able to look down, in all directions, the precarious slope, falling away in all directions to certain death. Wouldn’t you become rigid with terror, afraid to… Continue Reading Trauma: Help In Understanding

Guest Writer Kay Hutchinson on Qi Gong & Willpower

In the Chinese medicine system, the energy of our willpower dwells within the lower dan tien in the lower back and abdomen (some refer to this area as the lower chakra). That energy then flows to infuse the marrow of our bones and our brains, the classical seas of marrow. Thus, qi gong breath work… Continue Reading Guest Writer Kay Hutchinson on Qi Gong & Willpower

Why Choose Bodywork Therapy?

Why Bodywork? Imagine, before you, a frozen lake. Middle of winter, not a ray of direct sunlight in sight. Depression can be like this. Thirty years ago, give or take, the standard treatment was to identify the beliefs that froze our inner emotional waters, and in countering the “I’m powerless, unlovable, incapable” voices that held… Continue Reading Why Choose Bodywork Therapy?