Before Returning to Your Normally Scheduled Lives

For the last month, you’ve probably been off-schedule, regardless of how or if you’ve celebrated the holidays. Truth is, like infants, it’s surprisingly easy to get us humans off-schedule. In somatic terms, we become more disregulated. For many of us who have healthy-enough nervous systems, we can get back in gear with a few practices and some time. Many of us don’t even realize we’re doing it, when we cut out sugar, return to a regular bed-time, return to baseline on the amount of human contact we allow in a particular day.  Come January 2nd, you step back into ordinary life. And while the season’s stressors are a relief to see in the rear-view mirror, most of us, even those who really hate this time of year, may feel a bit of a let-down. Somehow, the banal suggestion that one find a way to carry some wisdom, or some element of beauty, into mundane life feels lame.

And yet… Continue Reading Before Returning to Your Normally Scheduled Lives

Trauma 101 Essentials: Grounding

You can’t think grounding, you’ve got to feel it. Imagine that your body is a live wire, downed by some horrible Nor’easter. Sparks flying all over the place! Trauma has that effect, so much overwhelming and unpleasant energy coursing sharply and erratically through our bodies that we can practically smell the sizzle, or on the other hand, past the sizzle and well into burn-out. Grounding works like the third prong on a plug, or the post at the end of the wire…it absorbs some of the excess energy that would otherwise lead to shorting out. Continue Reading Trauma 101 Essentials: Grounding

Why Choose Bodywork Therapy?

Why Bodywork? Imagine, before you, a frozen lake. Middle of winter, not a ray of direct sunlight in sight. Depression can be like this. Thirty years ago, give or take, the standard treatment was to identify the beliefs that froze our inner emotional waters, and in countering the “I’m powerless, unlovable, incapable” voices that held… Continue Reading Why Choose Bodywork Therapy?

Denver Psychotherapist Inga Larson on Lifecrafting

Inga Karen Larson, LCSW LMT, has been providing support and assistance to individuals and families for over fifteen years. In my practice, I help you meet and embrace your true self, in all its richness. With heart and deep listening, I’ll work with you to discover what you truly want, and what is holding you… Continue Reading Denver Psychotherapist Inga Larson on Lifecrafting

Making the Connection (Ecotone #3)

Making the Connection. Ecotone #3 On the northeast corner of my practice room hangs an old photograph of a mother and infant, the eyes of both locked blissfully on one another. In its presence for the last nine years, mature adults have looked up at me with childlike openness. Having received bodywork, I’ve also experienced… Continue Reading Making the Connection (Ecotone #3)

Soma: The Power of Treating the Body (Ecotone #2)

Soma: The Power of Treating the Body. Ecotone #2 Ever since I was a kid, I’ve fallen in love with words.  It’s something I’ve had to get over, in both my practices as a massage therapist and psychotherapist, in order to listen to the more telling subtext of expressions—a breath, a yawn, a shudder—leading to the meat of revelation and… Continue Reading Soma: The Power of Treating the Body (Ecotone #2)